Uniti Leasing

Uniti’s attractive cost of capital and advantaged REIT structure enable us to provide creative, tax efficient value enhancing solutions to anchor customers.

Uniti Leasing owns, acquires, constructs and leases shared communications real estate assets including fiber, coax cable and copper networks to communication service providers

  • Shared infrastructure is a win-win for everyone
  • Uniti leases communication real estate to the initial seller and other service providers in exclusive or non-exclusive use arrangements

Benefits to selling communications real estate to Uniti

  • Monetize infrastructure assets while retaining use through a lease
  • Unlock value associated with real estate infrastructure excess capacity
  • Focus more on servicing customers
  • Numerous tax advantages for sellers:
    • Reduce debt with the sales proceeds and maximize interest deductions due to limitations from 2017 Tax Reform Act
    • Generally, lease expense are fully deductible
    • Defer potential capital gains taxes by receiving OP units as consideration

Benefits to leasing communications real estate from Uniti

  • Lower the cost of entering new markets or increase capacity in existing markets
  • Expand to new markets faster by removing permitting and construction obstacles
  • Reduce the need to raise new capital to fund network infrastructure construction
  • Focus more on servicing customers
  • Customizable leases for exclusive or non-exclusive use arrangements

Uniti Leasing Network Assets

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