The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

The influx of emerging technologies – especially those that can be infiltrated by hackers – put cybersecurity measures at risk. And though every IT professional, entity, and department works tirelessly to adopt and even get a step ahead of the latest tech, new advancements in defensive strategies of security professionals have the potential to fail or fall short at some point. It’s something that we, nor any IT entity, can deny.

Still, to combat growing threats, the IT industry has been combining the strength of cybersecurity with artificial intelligence (AI). By doing so, security professionals like the ones at Uniti Fiber, have equipped themselves with strong, additional resources to defend vulnerable networks and data from cyber attackers. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as synthetic, computer-generated decision making that is equivalent to that of human capability, based on certain unique algorithms and related mathematical calculations. For added context, cybersecurity is the security measures to be taken to get rid of any form of cyberattack threatening the digital world.

On one hand, AI improves how IT experts analyze, study, and understand the various and always-evolving mechanisms of cybercrime. It enhances the cybersecurity technologies that Uniti Fiber and other credible companies use to combat cybercriminals (and our many tech solutions) and help keep organizations and customers safe.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence can be very intensive, meaning that it might not be practical in all applications or for all organizations. More importantly, it’s also important to note that it also can serve as a new weapon in the arsenal of cybercriminals who use the technology to hone and improve their tactics.

Regardless, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of AI in cybersecurity and what it could mean for your business or institution.

AI can Prevent Cyber Attacks

Put simply, the awareness or identification of a potential security threat is simply not enough to help a company rid themselves of cyber attackers. However, when that awareness is doubled with the implementation of preventative AI technology, efforts can be used to block cyberattacks in a multitude of ways. For example, AI technology can be used to “think how a hacker thinks” and carry out actions that will either break or prevent the breach of a security code, before the hacker is able to carry those subsequent actions out themselves.

AI Limits Human Liability

Typically, cybersecurity personnel, or even those within the company who are not essentially designated for such, are tasked with keeping a keen eye on the security of sensitive digital information. It goes without saying that it’s extremely challenging for in-house cybersecurity experts (or otherwise) to focus on such a feat without distraction or interruption, potentially allowing a threat slip through the cracks.

Human interaction in critical cybersecurity efforts also means manual, potentially delayed control over cybersecurity efforts. Not by fault, but by default, due to the natural processing time of the human brain, among other limits. Within this scenario, AI can deal with similar situations more easily simple because AI doesn’t require any “break” or vacation. The programming is designed to automatically deal with high-risk tasks at a moment’s notice without any concern.

AI Stops Attacks Before They Begin

We all know that hackers are constantly working on new techniques and methods to gain entry to the target website or sensitive, digital information they are attempting to infiltrate. What we might not know are the methods or means they are beginning to master.

The first step in getting ahead of the cyber attacker is to keep an eye on the target “hackable” point and to identify where a breach might be made. When that information is not obvious to the human eye, AI can come in handy. AI technology can help to identify weaker points that are not necessarily obvious based on an abundance of data and can easily solutions that will better combat efforts against hackers.

Large-Scale AI Security Measures

Picture a company with a low-traffic digital presence possessing few interconnected systems. Then imagine another institution, say a college university or hospital, with high traffic, interconnected systems, a centralized server, and high popularity. If the authorities governing that organization’s digital assets provide less importance to the security of those entities with a large amount of traffic or with highly secret and most valuable information, the digital assets are automatically placed at high risk of cyber-attack.

Within this scenario, AI can easily deal with the security of high-profile outlets because it will be difficult for traditional cybersecurity methods to identify whether a visitor is a normal visitor or a hacker.

Protecting Your Company With AI

In this day and age, artificial intelligence is at the forefront of IT and at top-of-mind of every industry across the board. Luckily, Uniti Fiber implements the latest AI and security technology into all of its tech and security solutions. Reach out to us today to learn how we could help your company or institution take its security measures to the next level.