Enterprise Hosted VoIP Services

Uniti's voice services: just a phone call away.

Our cost-effective Hosted IP Telephone Service delivers PBX functionality without the associated capital or maintenance costs of an on-premise telephone system, along with outstanding call quality, numerous features.


  • Consistent & Dependable Quality: Voice Services on a dedicated private voice network built directly on Uniti's pure-fiber network ensures consistent and dependable call quality
  • Flexible & Customizable: Flexible IP-based Voice Services allow you to scale to support your growing business, use the functions of your phone service remotely on multiple devices and select from a wide variety of award-winning Poly phones.
  • Dedicated Support: 24/7/365 support when you need it


  • Caller ID: Number/name display and Call Blocking based on Caller ID
  • Call Hunting: Ring multiple phones in multiple locations
  • Call Forwarding: Forward to another extension, line or cell phone - based on busy, no answer, or at all times.
  • Voicemail: Standard voicemail or voicemail to email
  • Three-way Calling: Enables on-the-spot conferencing
  • Auto Attendant: Transfer callers to an extension without going through a receptionist
  • Call Center Queuing: First in, first out call prioritization
  • Receptionist Software: Easy management of calls based on user availability
  • Meet Me Conferencing: Conference bridge set up and management
  • Scalable: as your company grows, add additional subscriptions with ease

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