Wholesale Wavelengths

Capacity that keeps up with your business.

Your customers' demands for bandwidth isn't slowing down - neither should your network. Uniti's dedicated, high-capacity Wholesale Wavelengths - delivered over our nationwide fiber optic network - meet your needs today and scale for tomorrow.


  • Dedicated & Secure: Because our DWDM fiber optic Wavelengths are a dedicated solution, they're packed with inherent security - perfect for Data Center interconnect needs, cloud migration or any other data-intensive applications.
  • Maximum Throughput: Fiber-native high capacity Wavelengths are designed to carry high traffic volumes over routes built to eliminate points of failure and latency issues. Not ready to go big? Start with 2.5G and move all the way up to 400G when you're ready. We'll be here.
  • Support: Our Wholesale customers have direct access to attentive, accredited, accountable connectivity experts as well as an always-on, 24/7/365-manned NOC.


  • Bandwidth ranges from 2.5G to 400G
  • Full scope and robust SLA’s
  • WAN-PHY, LAN-PHY, OTN protocol options

For more information on Uniti's Wholesale Wavelength product, please click here.