Wholesale Dark Fiber

Powering network transformation & growth.

Uniti's reliable, secure metro and long-haul Wholesale Dark Fiber solutions help network operators, content providers, cable companies, data center operators, ISPs and WISPs advance their digital transformation efforts, expand their own networks and meet the insatiable bandwidth demands of their end users.


  • Custom Control & Performance: Easily scale up or down, gain more control over your network and optimize performance with unlimited bandwidth and reduced latency. Available in IRU or leasing options, our Dark Fiber solutions help your organization turn plans into reality and fuel business growth, offering complete control over your network.
  • Secure & Cost-Effective: With a completely private and secure network, our Dark Fiber solutions provide maximum protection for all of your data and applications. This cost-effective connectivity gives you the benefits of network ownership without the cost of building your own network, allowing you to focus your budget dollars on more important initiatives.
  • Experience & Support: You'll have access to personalized, dedicated account management and dependable service teams, with decades of experience in designing and engineering large-scale Dark Fiber deployments, as well as a 24x7x365-manned NOC to take care of any Dark Fiber needs.


  • Available in Lease or IRU
  • Flexible, scalable solution
  • Colocation options (POP and data center)
  • Extensive experience with wireless carriers (macro site and small cell connections)

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