Essential Tech Resources for Working from Home

What the world is facing right now is unlike anything any of us could’ve ever imagined. Industries have been halted. Students’ kitchen tables are now doubling as their classrooms. Concerts, events, and gatherings of all sorts have been put on pause. And the majority of the working world has moved their operations entirely virtual for the time being while the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

We at Uniti Fiber, understand that working and educating our students online brings its own set of challenges but having the right tech tools and resources on hand can help you stay productive. To help you stay productive, safe, and secure while working from home, we’ve rounded up a list of the essential tech resources you need to know about.

Robust and Reliable Wi-Fi

We’re all relying heavily on Wi-Fi connection during these times, so it’s imperative to ensure that you and your family are set up with the best coverage possible.

If your existing Wi-Fi coverage is less than reliable, make it a point to invest in a reliable and higher megabits-per-second (Mbps) streaming system. This way you can provide a rock-solid internet connection for your home office.

Security Solutions

At Uniti Fiber, our disaster recovery solutions are designed to work with your business continuity plan and protect your applications and data against downtime. Uniti Fiber offers proactive solutions to help identify front-end vulnerabilities and help keep your organization progressing with confidence. We continue to work with our partners and their devices to ensure the utmost safety and security while they continue to operate from home.

Whether enacting a virtual protected network (VPN) or promoting at home IT risk management, cybersecurity solutions and compliance training, staying technologically safe is of the utmost importance during these times.

Bandwidth and Internet Connection

Working from home you are likely to burn through your internet bandwidth, even more so if you are using video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams.

If you are currently on a limited-bandwidth internet plan, we suggest you discuss with your provider any upgrades or offers they might have during these unprecedented times. If you are experiencing lags or internet access difficulties, it could be because of connection and/or bandwidth issues. You don’t want limits or extra charges to start kicking in when you least expect them, and now might be the perfect time to upgrade your services.

Backup Connection

If your internet connection fails, your productivity is likely going to slow down. We suggest opting for backup connection. While turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot works as a short-term solution, we at Uniti Fiber much prefer to have a stand-alone hotspot device.

There are a number of secure and reliable products on the market that have adequate battery life, simplistic interfaces, and Wi-Fi signals that can be tuned from low power to high-power when an extra boost is needed. Contact Uniti Fiber for more information on such devices and a solution that will work best for your at-home setup.

Webcam/Video Conferencing Capabilities

Unless your laptop or computer has a high-quality camera, we suggest investing in a webcam, conference speaker, and potentially audio equipment — especially if you will be participating in virtual meetings or conferences, or serving as a speaker, panelist, or keynote at a virtual event.

Uniti Fiber video conferencing services allow your team to do more via face-to-face interaction without time and expense associated with travel. Video communication presents a better way to interconnect across companies and evolve your business. The possibilities are endless!

Extra Support

Whether physically together or apart, it is our mission and passion at Uniti Fiber to always be there for our clients and partners. It is our passion and goal to help our partners create the right infrastructure for their unique needs and implement the proper technologies to build a safe environment, enhance administrative efficiency, and create digital platforms that will help them succeed. Uniti Fiber is here for you now and will be here for you through the recovery of COVID-19. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can best help you.