Elite Connectivity for Elite Competition: Uniti is the official business fiber provider of The World Games 2022

The World Games 2022 is coming to Birmingham July 7-17, and I am thrilled that Uniti will serve as the Official Business Fiber Sponsor of the Games.

During the 11-day event featuring 3,600 athletes from over 100 countries, Uniti will provide the fiber backbone that will allow organizers to communicate, transfer data and stream events from the majority of the 25+ venues hosting events. In addition to providing this critical communication infrastructure, Uniti will serve as the official sponsor for the Flying Disc event (known simply as “Ultimate”).

It requires tremendous effort and rock-solid infrastructure to bring an event like The World Games to life and we’re proud that our pure fiber network is part of the solution. We’re also thrilled to support this unique competition, the athletes competing and the families who have helped them to reach this level of play.

Future-Ready Fiber in the Magic City

For Uniti, The World Games is an opportunity to support two very vibrant, successful communities: the elite World Games athletes and the Birmingham business community. We are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and we’re honored to be part of the phenomenal success and growth in Birmingham.

As The World Games brings an influx of athletes and spectators to the region and the spotlight shines on Birmingham, we know the city, the athletes and event organizers are relying on Uniti for fast, reliable communications infrastructure. We accept the challenge and relish the opportunity.

The Uniti team knows a thing or two about drive, discipline, commitment and hard work. These qualities that separate elite athletes from the pack are also qualities we strive to bring to our work and the solutions we provide. Whether we’re delivering custom network builds with ultrahigh capacity to support an entire healthcare system or reliable internet connectivity to help a small business grow, we bring our best. We come to win for our customers each and every day.

The Unique Draw of The World Games

First held in 1981 (and held every four years), The World Games 2022 will feature some of the fastest growing and, in some cases, most extreme sports in the world. This makes for some very interesting spectating.

In addition to some well-known sports (lacrosse and softball, for example), The World Games plays host to lesser-known events. Here a few of the more unique ones that I am looking forward to:

  • Finswimming: Olympic swimming with fins (either one monofin or two fins) and a snorkel.
  • Floorball: Akin to field hockey. Played indoors and with five players and a goalkeeper on each side.
  • Ultimate: Two teams throwing a Frisbee to one another in an attempt to reach an opposing endzone all while defending their own.
  • Korfball: A mix between basketball and netball, Korfball has a slew of rules meant to limit height, weight, and strength advantages.

You can learn more about these sports — and all the other events being held in Birmingham — on The World Games website. The World Games are governed by the International World Games Association, an association officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee.