COVID-19 and the Innovation of Technology While Companies Are Working from Home

Many of us have retreated to the comfort of our homes for the past couple of months due to the impact of COVID-19. This pandemic has shaped our world in so many ways but not all are for the worse. The workforce has had to overcome a plethora of obstacles in order for America to continue to stay innovative while we shelter at home.

Uniti Fiber understands the struggles of having to take your entire workplace home and be expected to continue like normal. That’s why we offer many services to assist and provide solutions for connectivity, network, internet, and many other issues that may arise while working and learning from home.

Organizations in every industry have been forced to innovate and adapt their business models. Presence, productivity, and collaboration have been reinvented. Technology has provided countless options to adjust to a new normal while keeping people connected at a safe social distance. Technology has enabled educational institutions, financial firms, banks, healthcare organizations and so many more to adapt during a global pandemic.


Entire businesses are able to function while their employees operate from the comfort of their own homes. This is the result of decades of innovation, leadership, proficiency, persistence, and time devoted to the research and development of new technology.

Without the ability to connect to email, web conferencing, compute and storage environments, and various applications, it would be difficult to work from home. Consumer-based broadband and WiFi have become more reliable and wireless connectivity like 4G and 5G networks makes this possible. This consumer-based connectivity creates network space, provide quicker download speeds, and curate better networks that efficiently manage resources and meet America’s demands for data consumption.

Network connectivity is critical for companies to successfully adapt work from home policies. Networks allow people to interact on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Our team of experts at Uniti Fiber offers round the clock support to assist with any connectivity or network problems you may experience while at home.

Improvements on home Wi-Fi are meeting the demands of COVID-19 in which entire families are required to remain at home during their usual work and school days. Each family member is simultaneously attempting to use Wi-Fi to video chat with colleagues, download information from the internet, and complete schoolwork online. In the near future, innovative technologies like Wi-Fi 6 offers more bandwidth and stabilizes the load between digital devices for stronger user experience.


Software is essential in allowing businesses to collaborate and work from home. Software can be downloaded in the blink of an eye, which is key for adapting during this time. The Cloud allows organizations to scale their capacity for storage and machine power instantly. Software is also portable and doesn’t have to be transported from employees’ offices to their homes. Company data can be accessed anywhere.

Collaborative software, such as Webex, allows employees to work together across the globe. Organizations and their employees find new ways to innovate with technology daily in order to stay connected and continue the growth of their businesses. COVID-19 has opened new doors for organizations to adapt to technology and has sped up the process of digital innovation in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

Uniti Fiber Is Here to Help

Investing in reliable networks and creating a large ecosystem of technology prepared people to adapt during COVID-19. This pandemic highlights the value of continued innovation. Your partners at Uniti Fiber provide technology solutions to increase productivity for our customers. To stay in touch with our latest insights and resources, visit our website.