Schools and Libraries

Everyone deserves the opportunity to connect.

At Uniti Fiber, we value educators and understand the importance of tapping into cutting edge, robust communication infrastructure all day, every day.

Uniti Fiber devotes a large portion of its workforce to support the technology needs of schools and libraries with an E-Rate team built from names you’ve come to know and trust. Hunt Telecommunications, Nexus Systems, Southern Light, and InLine are now Uniti Fiber, dedicated to providing the same service you’ve come to depend on to schools and libraries.

We understand the unique challenges schools and libraries face in navigating the E-Rate process. Whether the challenge is improving network reach and quality, increasing capacity, or maintaining cost
certainty for the future, Uniti Fiber delivers custom-designed technology at a discount through the E-Rate program. School and library administrators can choose from a full range of E-rate-eligible infrastructure options.

From 1M to 100G DWDM networks and beyond, Uniti Fiber offers affordable, scalable, and reliable network services to connect the leaders of tomorrow with the most advanced technologies of today.

  • Dark Fiber
  • Internet
  • Ethernet
  • 1M to 100G DWDM Network

If your needs extend beyond technology infrastructure, Uniti Fiber also offers voice over IP (VoIP) and managed firewall, content filtering, DNS, and e-mail.

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