Our business Ethernet solutions have deployed MEF-certified equipment in our network to deliver a best of breed suite of Ethernet services. This allows us to deliver consistent Ethernet service across the entire Uniti Fiber footprint. In today’s society, businesses of all sizes need a way to manage their bandwidth. Educational institutions, healthcare providers, government and financial industries rely on Uniti Fiber’s ability to connect regional markets and reach key locations while managing costs efficiently. Whether it’s Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint or fully-meshed connectivity, Uniti Fiber has a scalable and secure high performance network to deliver a customer’s applications.

The following Ethernet bandwidth circuits are offered, depending on the demarcation device used by the customer:

  • 10 Mbps Access  |  100 Mbps Access  |  1000 Mbps Access |  10 Gbps Access 

1.3m fiber strand miles, Uniti Fiber’s Ethernet services are available in a variety of Port speeds for our Ethernet Access products to support a variety of applications. Uniti Fiber’s Ethernet network is monitored by our manned, 24x7x365 NOC and maintained by our full-time Field Technicians and regionally-located field service partners.

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