Dedicated Internet Access

Uniti Fiber provides Dedicated Internet Service (DIA) which is a symmetrical, unshared service provided via a robust fiber network. Managed and unmanaged options exist for optimal flexibility.

Uniti Fiber’s IP network is focused on connecting rural markets to large Tier 1 markets. Uniti Fiber interconnects at major Internet Exchanges (IEX) including Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York to facilitate private peering and direct peering with top content providers and SaaS system providers. Uniti Fiber provides diverse and redundant paths for connectivity to the internet.

Uniti Fiber’s wholesale internet access is positioned to assist ISPs, ILECs, MSOs and data centers by connecting their lower-tier and rural markets to Tier 1 Internet connection points. Additionally, Uniti Fiber’s retail internet access allows large business customers in lower-tier and rural markets to have the same access to high-speed Internet connections as their peers in large, Tier 1 markets.

Uniti Fiber’s DIA service is available from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps of bandwidth. Static IP addresses can be provided as IPv4, IPv6, or both.

Uniti Fiber’s Internet network is monitored by our manned, 24x7x365 NOC and maintained by our full-time Field Technicians and regionally-located field service partners.

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