Customized Networks

At Uniti Fiber our core business is designing, building and operating custom communication networks that provide connectivity to cell sites and customized networks for large wireless operators and enterprise clients. Through aggregating mission-critical traffic from hundreds of locations in a region onto one seamless, end-to-end network, we gain the experience and credibility to take networks further. We have built trust and have maintained vast partnerships with LECs, MSOs, broadband stimulus-funded providers, utilities, municipalities and fiber network owners who have grown to rely on Uniti Fiber to deliver a flawless network solution.

Our success is measured by our customers success. Uniti Fiber takes the network through all necessary stages, from sourcing network assets to customizing your network design and deploying a robust and reliable infrastructure. We take pride in delivering a network backed by our unified services that are monitored 24x7x365 from our manned NOCs.

We are well-capitalized and well-funded, allowing us the flexibility to build brand new, totally unique, fiber assets in regions where little to no fiber assets currently exist. Our ability to be forward-thinking and opportunistic in our network builds provides network solutions to a large scope of regions that would otherwise go unserved. We have deployed, and continue to deploy our own, high-strand count fiber network. Uniti Fiber’s goal is to bring fiber to under-served and unserved markets through unique opportunities that present attractive Return on Investment characteristics.

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