Enterprise Dark Fiber

The Dark Fiber you've been waiting for.

With virtually infinite bandwidth, Uniti's reliable and secure Dark Fiber network offers a combination of capacity, control and performance that can unite and streamline your increasingly connected world.


  • Custom Control & Performance: Our metro and long haul fiber routes offer the high-capacity bandwidth required for custom configurations of any large-scale Dark Fiber deployment, supporting cloud connectivity and backup efforts. Easily control bandwidth and optimize performance for your specific needs.
  • Secure & Cost-Effective: Enabling a completely private and secure network, our Dark Fiber solutions provide exclusive paths for all of your data. This cost-effective connectivity can be scaled to meet the needs of virtually any size business, including K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, hospital campuses, government organizations and more.
  • Support: Trust our team of engineering, design, construction, and install experts as well as a 24/7/365-manned NOC to take care of any Dark Fiber needs.


  • Dedicated use of fiber strands
  • Available in Lease or IRU models
  • Enables you to control your own exclusive private network

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