Enterprise Cloud Connect

Be cloud confident.

Let Uniti help you securely and confidently migrate to the cloud or optimize your current cloud access. Uniti provides private Ethernet connectivity to critical cloud providers, bypassing the unstable public Internet. This provides improved performance, with reduced jitter, latency, and bandwidth degradation.

Uniti offers direct connectivity to top CSPs (Cloud Service Provider) including Azure, Google, and AWS. Leverage our pure fiber network for a secure, cost-efficient, and smartly simple solution.


  • Secure Connections: Using Private, Layer 2 fiber Ethernet connections, Uniti Cloud Connect helps avoid security attacks common to IP (DDoS) and offers a more stable performance vs IP (jitter, packet loss and latency). Connect directly into highly secure, geo-diverse data centers on our MPLS backbone.
  • Cost Savings: Cost-friendly Ethernet-based solution, supporting multiple CSP connections on a single circuit for additional savings.
  • Simplified Coordination: Our Cloud Connect is a single source for your cloud connectivity needs, with access to multiple CSPs across a common network path and experts always available to configure and manage this end-to-end solution.


  • Ethernet Cloud Connection
  • Variable Bandwidth Options
  • Backed by robust SLA
  • Connects to major CSPs

For more information on Uniti Fiber’s Cloud Connect services click here.