Enterprise Managed Firewall

Your first line of cyber attack defense.

You're aware of growing digital security threats - but knowledge is only half the battle. It's time to take action with Uniti's Managed Firewall, which takes the complexity out of securing your network by providing industry-leading technology and management to secure incoming and outgoing traffic.


  • Expertise & Support: You'll have access to network professionals 24x7x365, dedicated to managing and supporting your solution.
  • Control: Enforce customized rules for incoming and outgoing traffic and leverage secure VPNs.
  • Customization: We offer two types of Managed Firewall: Premises (at your site) and Hosted (hosted in the Uniti cloud). Our security experts analyze your business needs, specifications and compliance requirements to create the most efficient and effective customized configuration for you.


  • Managed ports and protocol
  • IPsec VPN, Site-to-site VPN, VPN tunneling
  • Options for IDS/IPS and advanced malware protection
  • Web content filtering

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