Enterprise Advanced Security Solutions

Your network, data and facility bodyguards.

Uniti's custom range of next-generation Advanced Security Solutions offers unprecedented threat protection, availability and expertise geared for today's data-driven technologies. Our services include:

Endpoint Protection:

Endpoint Protection secures computers and servers, which are common entry points for malicious company-wide attacks. It can also protect against proprietary data leakage by employees, either intentional or accidental.

Key Capabilities:

  • Protection against server or workstation attacks including:
    • Viruses, worms, logic bombs, backdoors, trojans, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, adware, bots, botnets, rootkits
    • Uses signature-based and heuristic-based detection methodologies
    • Always-on updates provide the latest protection

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) / Intrusion Protection System (IPS):

With IDS, events on your network are monitored and reviewed for threat potential. IPS is the process of performing IDS functions and then blocking any suspicious incidents detected within your network and/or systems.

Key Capabilities:

  • Protection against network attacks through:
    • System file comparisons against malware signatures
    • Scanning processes that detect signs of harmful patterns
    • Monitoring user behavior to detect malicious intent
    • Monitoring system settings and configurations
  • Uses signature-based, anomaly-based and reputation-based detection methodologies

Penetration Testing:

This benign testing service probes your network for security weaknesses, scans for vulnerabilities and mimics malicious attacks with the intent to isolate preventive actions. It often points to the need for additional security solutions and is frequently used to support PCI, HIPAA or SOC2 compliance requirements.

Key Capabilities:

  • Can include a passive vulnerability scan and/or an active penetration test
  • Ability to perform the following:
    • Passive reconnaissance
    • Information gathering from open sources
  • Active reconnaissance
    • Pinging and sniffing network points
  • Initial exploitation of a found weakness
  • Escalation of privileges testing

Video Surveillance System:

Protect against unlawful entry, theft, and physical harm at key locations with a custom-designed video system monitoring the premises. We give you the tools you need to take action in real-time.

Key Capabilities:

  • Cameras and video feeds
  • Cameras, video-management system (VMS), and video storage
  • Gun detection
  • Facial recognition

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