Financing and freedom to grow

A strategic capital partner to communications network operators.


In an industry that is famously capital intensive, Uniti collaborates with operators to develop assets while relieving them of the burden of raising investment capital. Unlike a private equity or venture fund, we do not take an ownership interest in or exercise control over operations. Operators gain access to a vast reserve of capital along with the freedom to use it in ways that best suit their strategic objectives.


Demand for broadband capacity is driving explosive growth in telecommunications, fueled by new technologies capable of delivering the bandwidth and speeds to support ever-increasing Internet and mobile traffic. This scenario makes network assets extremely valuable to operators and investors alike. Uniti's unique REIT structure provides the vital connection between investors and operators of capital to unlock the value of the network for the benefit of both parties.

Transactional Solutions

Sale Leaseback / Lease Leaseback

Uniti has taken a model that has proven successful in specific sectors, such as wireless towers, and applied it to the entire communications distribution infrastructure. In a sale-leaseback arrangement, we acquire a partner's mission-critical communications infrastructure, then lease it back to the partner who continues to run operations, maintain the network and meet all regulatory obligations. This provides liquidity and optimal flexibility to the network operator to invest in network enhancements and expansion.

Capital Investment Financing

Network operators invest billions every year in building or upgrading networks. Uniti can offer a cost-efficient method of raising capital for strategic growth initiatives — for example, greenfield fiber-optic installations to improve network speed and capacity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Uniti can facilitate M&A transactions as a capital partner, acquiring the assets of the seller, for example, and leasing them back to the buyer. Uniti also has the flexibility to buy and operate entire companies through a Taxable REIT Subsidiary (TRS).