Many of our announcements include references to “Sale-Leaseback” or “OpCo / PropCo”. The information below offers our perspective on each of these terms:

  • Sale-Leaseback: In a sale lease-back transaction, Uniti purchases a network operator’s fiber network infrastructure and then leases it back to that operator on a long-term basis. This allows the operator to retain exclusive possession and use, continuing to generate revenue and leveraging funds from the sale to invest in items such as network upgrades and improvements.
  • OpCo / PropCo: In an OpCo / PropCo (Operating Company / Property Company) transaction, Uniti serves as the PropCo, purchasing network assets from the OpCo. Uniti then leases some or all assets back to the OpCo on an exclusive long-term basis, allowing it to manage all network operations, as well as to own customer relationships, generate revenue and conduct business as usual.